Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speed Leveling

I've had several people ask me about how to level an Character fast and efficiently.  So here are a few tips.

1)  Don't have one character.
Rested exp effectively doubles your leveling speed.  Its gathered faster in an inn or city (when your level is replaced by 'zzz' by your character portrait).  So having an alt to sell things on the suction house means your main character will gain just that much more bonus exp.

2)  Don't ignore gear.
Every class has been tuned to really rely on gear -even hunters (more or less).  If you ignore keeping an eye out for upgrades you lose damage dealt and the ability to take blows.  This even goes for you folks with all fo the heirlooms - DON'T ignore the other item slots.

3)  Don't stay too long in a zone.
In Vanilla the zones are set up to start every 5 levels (roughly).  Take a look at the zone lists for Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  Say you wanted to do The Hinterlands quests.  They start at 29 so you bounce out there and start working on them then.  At 34 away you go to the Western Plague Lands quests.  The earlier quests in a zone tend to be easier and their higher level so 'worth' more comparatively.  The end of zone blue items just aren't worth the grinding greens even with no heirlooms.

4) Do the dungeon quests.
The quests are easy to get and give you a huge chunk of experience and some really nice rewards.  if you have to select them and run them deliberately do it.  Click the Dungeon Finder button (green orb/eye on the bottom of the screen), click the dropdown and select 'Specific dungeons, click the one you want and the role you want to play then hit 'find group'.

5)  Do Player vs Player Battlegrounds.
Even some minor dabbling in them can get you some gear to help you fill in holes as you level.  Like the 1-60 zones their in ranges of 5 levels.  So when they unlock at 10 you will face players of level 10-14 in them.  I am more casual about them till I reach the end of that range.I might do quests from 60-63 then Battlegrounds for 64 and 65.

6) Do a gathering profession, perhaps two!
Gathering professions are good exp, and give you good coin if you don't need them to craft.  There's many different opinions about if Mining and Herbalism are 'worth' the extra time and I think they are.  Also pick up Archaeology.  It is harder to do so just do it when you happen to be nearby but the exp is MUCH higher.
Couple of things to note.  Skinning is horribly easy to level, the materials sell well, and it gives you nice bonus crit.  herbalism gives you an ability to click for a tiny heal and haste - AT ONE SKILL POINT.  That's right you may never use herbalism to pick flowers but you can add Lifeblood to your macros for +5 haste.

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