Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Earthmother's Eyes

((OOC Note: This is a version of the tale told upon the scrolls found within Thunder Bluff. Told at the Horde Sunday Service held on Earth Ring. Its a multifaith gathering for RP goodness.))

Earthsong ‘s soft voice gains in strength as she tells her tale projecting so that she might be heard.  "Listen now to the words of Earthsong of the Runetotem and Priderunner tribes.  Listen to the tale of the beginning."

In the dawning, before the age of memory, the gentle Earthmother breathed out the Golden Mists.  Where the clouds came to rest great and bountiful life arose.

The Earthmother gazed upon the lands she had breathed into creation.  Her right eye, An’she the Sun, gave warmth and strong life to the land.  Her left eye, Mu’sha the Moon, brought peace and magic filled sleep.

Such was the power within her gaze that only one could look upon creation at a time.  With the turning of the sky she would close her dreaming eye and carefully open the light one thus bringing the first dawning of the world.

In that dawning she moved her arm across the plains and where its shadow passed a noble people arose. The Shu’halo of the dawn gave thanks and  prayer to their most loving Mother.

The Earthmother gave them bountiful fields and prey to experience the purity of the hunt.  In the shadows where her gaze did not fall dark monstrosities lurked and they hunted them too, cleansing her of their blight."

Earthsong‘s voice turns dark and sinister as she speaks.

"But Whispers the deep came.  They spoke of war and deceit and many of the Shu’halo fell to the Whisper’s ways embracing wicked maliciousness.  Turning upon their pure kin they bathed their innocence in blood."

Her‘s voice echos infinite sadness.

"The Earthmother’s heart groaned with her children’s agony and she could not watch as they fell from grace.  In her grief she tore out her eyes sending them up high above spinning searching for the things in the dark.

An’she and Mu’sha sought to ease each others pain but could only chase each other‘s faint tails with each turning of the sky.  Searching the world for the Whispers, each in their own way, to deal with them."

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