Thursday, December 15, 2011

Transmogrification Tips

The only solid hit in the game this expansion for me has me the Transmog feature.  Even that was prevented from becoming a home run by the limitations they placed upon it.  My poor Demon Hunter has nothing I want to wear in her armor type and has ledgendary weapons  so whole other people can look all cool - I cant.  Oh I would use my 60 pvp gear but yea..

But bitterness over that aside its is still possible to look good and not follow the crowd.

1)  Figure out some colors you like or a bit of armor you want to use.  This is the best start to building a good looking set.  For my rogue it was the leggings I ran across in my starting adventures in Outland.  That gave me a red and black pallet and I built from there.

2)  Use WoW Model Viewer.  For those who haven't tried it the program downloads all the character models in the game and lets you look at them and arm them.  If there is interest Ill post a walk through on how to use it.  Load your character, the armor your starting work on, and then flip through the armor to find close matches.  Then go to Wowhead and see if you can get the armor.  When I first started I made quite a few outfits only to find an armor bit wasn't there any more.

It takes a bit of time but trust me it really helps with making unique stylish looks.

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