Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tauren Tale

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An'she is Taur'ahe for the Sun
Mu'Sha is Taur'ahe for the Moon
They are the Earthmother's eyes.


A tauren huntress clad in leather as black as her fur stands before the fireside.  Her fierce violet eyes survey the assembled before she begins to speak.  

"I come to you this night to tell a tale, a lesson learned by my tribe the Priderunner.  With each winter we are less but the lesson should be taught.  Remember and teach."  

In my tribe the youth are given names to use until they are adults.  Some like my Sister's are for who you are..She was called Sunny because she always was very bright and compassionate.  Mine was Night for my dark fur and love for sneaking out into it.

There was a boy who was called Trembles.  Saved from a Centaur attack that tore his parents apart he jumped at every sound.  Cringed at every raised voice.  The other children tormented him and many Elders felt he was weak - he should of had the good sense to die with his parents.

Now tradition was when you reached the edge of adulthood you asked to be taught and for a week you served as an apprentice.  Making clothing, cooking, weaving baskets, until you found the one teachings and teacher that The Mother made you best suited for.

Trembles tried them and one after another failed.  He burned food, ruined clothing, and burned a hole in the Shaman tent tending the Sacred Fire.  Few tried to teach him and he grew a more sad sight as each week passed.

Skybolt was the master hunter, with fur black as night he slipped through the woods striking down the Centaur and hunting the beasts of the plains.  In the quiet of the dawn after the hunters returned from a night Hunt Trembles went before him and said "I wish to learn from you, will you teach me?"

Now  tradition let the asked refuse, but Skybolt just towered over Trembles and didn't say anything.  Trembles knew the Elder didn't have a student other than occasionally teaching his young daughters so he could teach him.  But Skybolt just held him pinned with his forest green eyes.  Time passed, An'she rose on his journey and beat down upon them but Skybolt did not move.  Trembles shook with nervousness and terror but he stayed there, waiting.

Finally when An'she was closing, when the deepest shadows were ready to join the Earthmother's Cloak of Night, Skybolt said in his deep voice "Return tomorrow before An'she lights the sky."  Trembles collapsed to the ground in relief and Skybolt turned and walked away to his tent.

The next day several of the hunters scowled at Trembles but he stayed waiting till Skybolt arrived.  One of the hunters, Runespear,  strood before Skybolt and demanded to know why he wasted his time with Trembles.  Runespear's own son would do better!

Skybolt the cool-headed who was always in control toppled the other hunter with a single 'Crack!' of his fist to their jaw.  Runespear's rage died and he remained there looking up at the anger on Skybolt's face.  Skyboalt's deep voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, "Leave him be, for this week I will teach him."  There was silence for a moment before he said to Trembles "Come, striding off into the night with the terrified child in tow.

Later that night one of Skybolt's daughters asked why he chose him...why Trembles?  Others Skybolt had turned down.  Skybolt simply said "He faces fear."  Leaving her to ponder what he meant as was his way.

The week passed and each day Skybolt worked Trembles hard.  The daughter took to following them and watching.  Tremble never complained, only did his best to do whatever task was placed before him.  With the patience of the mountain Skybolt would show him something and Trembles would try till he got it right.

At the end of the week's training Skybolt took Trembles upon a night raid to kill Centaur harassing the tribe.  The other hunters settled for whispers that he had gone mad, but each of them trusted Skybolt or owed him enough they followed regardless of their thoughts about Trembles.  The fight in Mu'sha's dawning light was savage.

Trembles shot well but Skybolt felt he could be better.  So he told Trembles 'Now, do it." and with those simple words Skybolt set down his bow as a centaur charged them!  Trembles launched arrow after arrow at the great beast and stepped in front of Skybolt.  Trembles shook in terror but held up his bow to club it when the centaur fell over dead!  Skybolt put his hand on Trembles' shoulder as he retrieved his own bow.  He touched an arrow saying "Your first shot."  The shaft piercing the centaur's heart.

They returned victorious, the blood of the centaur still freshly marking their fur, Skybolt asked Trembles 'What is your name hunter?' and the gathered tribe went quiet in anticipation.  Trembles spoke in his shaky voice "I..I am wh..who I am.' meeting Skybolt's gaze 'I..I still shake...I am Trembles."  Skybolt clasped Tremble's arm and Trembles wept with joy as Skybolt's voice thundered as he called the tribe "Meet Trembles, Hunter and Warrior."

When the Horde came and they thought Trembles a strange coward to be given such respect when they met him in peace.  In battle they thought him to be a demon.  One warrior thought to call him Trembles In Rage but Trembles quietly, shakily, corrected him.

Until the day the Earthmother took him back he was Trembles.  He faced fear as deep as the sea with more strength than any could ask.  When you are afraid, when you are alone and dont think you have the courage to do what you have to - Just remember him.

Stand against the fear even if your heart shakes.

Placing her hand upon the back of the great black lion that joins her the huntress' eyes shine with unshed tears in the firelight as she looks from face to face for a moment before turning and heading silently into the night.

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