Sunday, July 10, 2011

RP Locations - Iron Forge

Location 34, 26
Faction: Alliance
Zone: Iron Forge
Sub Zone: The Great Forge

Special Notes: Nowhere near the Great Forge :)

Description:  Its a two for one with these two houses located right next to each other on the road leading from the Great Forge to the Mystic Ward.  

The house on the left has a 2nd story living room filled with the usual stort of bric-a-brac you find in dwarven homes.

One corner filled with crates, bags of sugar (some used in the daily cooking quest), and a gun (Im standing on it in that picture).  The other a homey four person table that is actually low enough you can see over it (!) and a handy bookshelf and of course more guns.

Down below you find the bed and a charming bearskin run, books, many more guns, and some explosive barrels - one with a fuse!  And two chairs and a snack on the table between them.  Its a great home for your local engineer or explosives enthusiast.  Because the entry is away from the ground your RP is more private and generally far enough away the casual traveler wont hear a thing you say.

The next house has a floor living room and bedroom open to the road, definitely a bachelor pad, and upstairs is a landing storage and a balcony overlooking the road.

So we have 5 beer kegs (not shown), a shelf FILLED with various bottles, 2 chairs and mugs on a small labe loaded with food.  A small corner table with bombs and a gun (another gun in the corner covering the door) and the bed close enough to wobble too after a hard night drinking.

Upstairs we have ...can you guess?

Yep, more guns.  Along with what suspiciously looks like more kegs of drink.  Perhaps this house is owned by an alchemist mixing potions or a brewmaster who is married to their craft.  

The fact the lower room opens to the road means you may find others seeing you and wandering over to check out your RP, not a bad thing, but honestly the odds are pretty low they will look the right way when running by.  

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