Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little experiment - RP Locations

Trying out an idea for a write up for neat/out of the way places to RP.  What do you think?

Coordinates 51, 60
Faction: Alliance
Zone: Stormwind City
Sub Zone: The Canals

Special Notes: Just north of the Stockades instance.

Description:  Located down a very plain tunnel this small garden is very easy to overlook as you run through Stormwind.  But as you exit the tunnel you will find yourself in a little peaceful (if somewhat untended) garden.
Park exterior, click for a larger picture

With two stools provide seating and a small table is topped with a pair of bags and some barsand a pile of bags on the ground making the atmosphere excellent for a bit of bartering.  Now you are near a main path so do be aware the walls could have ears.  Anything needed to be kept secret might be best said in party chat with only an emote of whispering furiously to tantalize the curiosity of would be spies.

Park interior, click for a larger picture

Now Morris Lawry does hang out outside the tunnel and he will speak every time he is passed.  He can be entertaining or annoying depending on your inclination.  But despite him this can be a top notch place for some fun.

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