Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something Wicked (Ly Cool) in the Whispering Forest

This is just a little tease.

A guildie of mine in the Netherbane on Earthen Ring showed me the most amazing faerie circle.

Faerie Dragons drunk off fey power?  This was really unusual.  And in the Whispering woods, where Anne/Shade theorized an old god lives.  What could this mean?

There also were rumors they...sing?  Singing Dragons?  I just had to find out.  So I started working on other things and left myself parked in the glade.

Everything was fine when suddenly the dragons gathered and before my surprised eyes summoned a shimmering green portal!   No new music was heard even with everything starting turned on and cranked to 100% but there were green note floating up from the dragon's heads!  A special NPC appeared in the middle called 'Faerie Circle'.

Click to Enlarge

And then something startling happened...

But I did say this is a tease, I sent off all my screenshots and detailed observations to Skolnick of Warcraft less Traveled fame.  I want to give him the first shot at this full story.

Have fun!

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