Monday, July 11, 2011

Molten Front Griefing

The sad truth if that there is a massive amount of griefing and harassment going on with the Molten Front, Thrall's quest, and the other events relating to the Firelands release.  With no ability to access the raid content and upset about the massive hunter pet nerfs this really is killing my interest in the game.

The sad thing is Activsion-Blizzard chose to do this to us.  After seeing how bad forcing everyone into one city was they thought to force the entire server population into a small quest hub would be better.

"To ensure that friends can play together even if they're not progressing identically, we've avoided separating players through phasing for all but a couple individual quests." - source

So this is all about my personalized experience, going and doing these quests at my own pace and in my way but I'm still stuck dealing with griefers and jerks.  Thats on a RP-PvE server too on a PvP server Ive seen and heard all sorts of stories of the kinda of stress that just trying to do some dailies causes.

Activision-Blizzard knows the kind of cesspool a large portion of the player base has turned into.  They have been encouraging it in the name of the all mighty dollar for a while now.  But if they dont deal with it they will reach a point when logging in isn't fun, when its nothing but fucking bastards to deal with, and the game will implode.

So, if that is the problem.  What can be done to fix it?

I'm going to assume Activision-Blizzard wont want to use their phasing tech any more so I think they need to take a page from a cute little free to play game, Wizards 101.  In it you have mini games that are griefer free giving you some fun without having to deal with people.  When you look past the shinny stuff the game play has many different ways of entertaining.

Blizzard presents one way of advancing, leveling, then running instances.  Everything is more and more tightly focused around it to the point it is smothering.  Quests lead you from point A to B to dungeon C.  There is one way to enjoy the game.  So after rushing the new player to the end game raid you end up with a bunch of self important twits after Activision-Blizzard poisoned the well of the community.

The only real kind of 'mini' game they have would be PvP matches and there your still stuck doing things with others...and after Blizzard poisoned the well of the communities that is a prospect fraught with more frustration than raiding.

Warcraft really needs to focus more on fun play in a broad sense, not just raiding.  The end game is a part of the game not the entire game.  If they cant there is just one result.

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