Monday, July 11, 2011

RP Locations - The Exodar

A quick note, for those who have already sucked in their breath to start complaining how far the Exodar is - No its not.  You take the Stormwind boat to Darnassus.  Then you have a choice to teleport into the city and use the portal int he Temple of the Moon to teleport STRAIGHT THERE or you can wait a couple f minutes for the boat to deliver you to the outside of the city.  Its no less convenient than reaching Ironforge from Stormwind though I do have to say some people have trouble with that.  Anyway on with the show..

Location 69 83
Faction: Alliance
Zone: Iron Forge
Sub Zone: Trader's Teir

Special Notes:   There are stairs that lead to a ramp inside the Exodar wall.

The curving stair is easy enough to find and well patrolled by the Exodar Peacekeepers but few have followed it all the way up to the top.  With the city already having a low population, being out of the way, and being high up you can be certain few will stumble of you by accident while having the advantage of easy access for the lower leveled characters.

Like Ironforge this is an entry about two locations.  Follow the steep path up and your first right brings you to Mahri (Leather) and Gornii's (cloth) armor shop. Its very nicely appointed with gear, a table, and crates.

But as neat as the inside is whats special about these places is the view you get of the cavernous city.

Click for the full view
There is a chair (or bed), refreshments, and a lovely view of shifting ethereal energies.  An excellent place for quiet business.  Just make sure it isn't too shady - The Peacekeepers stick their heads in every now and again to make sure everything is alright.

Traveling up farther along the path we find Yil's Mail Armor shop.

This expansive shop has a lovely carpet, armor, and crates scattered around.  With all this room there is more than enough for a gathering and the view is no less breathtaking here though he isn't so kind as to supply a seat.  Again the Peacekeepers make regular patrols here, so make sure to keep it casual if you have anythign to hide.  The Draenei are notorious intolerant of ... alternate ways of gaining capital.

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