Monday, July 11, 2011

RP Locations - Darnassus

Location 40 33
Faction: Alliance
Zone: Darnassus
Sub Zone: Cenarion Enclave

Special Notes: Hidden is plain sight.

Darnassus is full of places for Roleplaying but one has always been special to me because of how often its overlooked even by Night Elves who grew up here.  In fact I wouldnt of known about it if I hadn't of had a ... sneaky sister *Waves to Susa*.

Darnassus is a city whose hidden shadows are deep in the ground near the trunk of the tree still recovering from the corruption Staghelm caused.  One fo the trees by the cenarion Enclave has an unusual stone opening leading down and a low platform on the north side and a higher on the south.

The northern circle is occupied only during holidays.  It has chests, a small table, and swords making it an excellent place for a small gathering or perhaps some practice swordplay.  You will be right off the road and near mount and class trainers so you will have folks wandering by every so often.

Now the western side is more ominous, Kyrai brewing up poisons to sell with her assistant Faelyssa.  Coincidentally They happen to have a good view of the portal to watch those who come and go as well as those seeing the Cenarion Enclave.

Stil nothing too bad about that right?  Traveling into the stone path we descend into the earth and the music shifts to more ominous tones.  We come out in what looks like the entry to a bower fo the druids, but this is no druid home.

Syurna watches the entry.  before the shattering she was investigating the strange things happening in Teldrassil.  Perhaps the reason for the rogues making their home here.

Just over the ledge from her is Anishar a trainer who is standing by a small table with an axe and the other table...what the heck are those things?!

He has two bags of pure shadow and a bottle of the stuff....perhaps you  add it to Priests of Elune to make them shadow priests?  Doesn't look like anything to mess with!

To the southwest in one of nicely lit rooms is Erion Shadewhisper.  A table has the book 'Exile of the High Elves' upon it and a shortsword made up of the same evil looking stuff.  Rogues wil know him, he is the man who sends them to Stormwind to get their weapon forged.

There is an empty room to the northeastern end of the complex..  It has a practice dummy and a weapons rack making it a good overnight room for one of the more shadowy types that might be allied with these elves.  The bones are just for decoration, really.

When your down in this rather ominous sounding dungeon the only players you will run into are the occasional rogue seeing training from their superiors.  The Darnassian Protectors and Sentinels do not come to this deep dark place.

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