Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of Mice and Stats 1

Ive tried to gather the best info I can find on stats and whats cool. Ill add specific notes as I go along. if you want to know more for your spec/class let me know and Ill do it sooner.
Some things can be hard to figure out.  Like where Stormwind went to.

General notes
Lowers incoming damage by a set amount, requires a shield.

Crit Chance
The chance for a critical attack doing more damage.

A chance the attack will entirely miss you.

This stat prevents dodge and block in melee range.

Increases casting/attack speed and some resource gain (like rogue energy). Haste cannot reduce the duration of the global cooldown below 1.0 second.

Hit Chance
Your chance to cast a spell, attack, etc and not have the mob dodge.

Each class and spec has a specific mastery power after 80. This boosts it by different amounts.

A chance the attack will do 1/2 damage and so will the next attack that hits.

Penetration (Spells only)
Lowers the target's resistance to your spells.

Speed (Melee only)
Your attack speed after haste is applied of your autoattack.



When there is no benefit to increasing the skill any longer.

Diminishing Returns
When your points spent into a stat start to give you less benefit. Armor is a good example, eventually the you need a silly amount of armor to get more damage reduction.

Stat Weight
Comparing stats to each other. Think of it as the heavier stats being better so it tips the scales in their favor over the lighter ones. Just a way to speak about whats more useful.

The right gear is important.  It would be a shame to ruin a fine dress in combat.


Numerical Values
A fair bit of this will be taken from Elitistjerks.

All values are for level 85, they shift as you level.

Melee/Caster General
Per 1% of skill
Melee hit = 120.109
Spell hit 102.446
Dodge 176.71899
Parry 176.71899
Block 88.3594
Crit 179.28
Haste 128.05701
Expertise 30.0272
Mastery 179.28

Mastery does not suffer from diminishing returns.  All other stats do.

Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights now all get 25% Strength as Parry Rating as a base skill, with all decimals rounded down.

Per 1% of dodge from agility
Death Knight 430.69289874
Druid 243.58281085
Paladin 304.50762639
Warrior 430.69289874

Armor Mitigation #
50% 32572.5
55% 39810.8
60% 48858.7
65% 60491.7
70% 76002.5
75% 97717.5

Per 1% physical crit from agility
Warrior 243.6
Paladin 203.08
Hunter 324.85
Rogue 324.72
Death Knight 243.7
Shaman 324.85
Druid 324.85

Per 1% spell crit from int
All mana classes 648.91

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