Thursday, May 19, 2011

LFG Nerd Rage!

So I haven't done a post about PuGs in a bit.  Since Blizzard loves to talk about how their improving them sooooo much I think its time to let a little hot air out of that balloon.

Epic Fail Group

I was in a Zul'Amon group fighting to beat the timer to get the mount, everyone trying hard, when I got a groupkick pop up for the rogue case of low DPS.   I checked his DPS on Recount and found he was in the 4k range.  That isnt enough damage to run a normal level 8 Dungeon let alone a 2nd tier heroic so I kicked him.  I check his gear real quick and he is in full pvp gear, some epic, and as near as I can tell reforged out of hit rating.  It isn't that he isn't trying, he is running a little over 60% miss rate.

So I join a lower level group as my shaman; Tank and the 3 dps run off and the tank doesnt have a clue where to go just runs in circles killing things. The healer didnt leave the door and the tank finally notices he isn't being healed.  The tank and I run back to check and yep the healer is just standing there afk.  So the tank gets mad and demands I heal. I agree but while the tank ran back to the healer the other 2 dps didnt follow so he tosses a tantrum about the other 2 dps not being by him and rage quits the group.

Entered a regular level heroic as a DPS and the healer and 2 dps are just flaming...ponies (if you don't get the reference check out this) and kick the tank before the last boss, then pull in another of their guildies and kick me.  Good job on making sure asshats cant do this Blizzard...

Then theres the merely stupid.  Like the Rogue who hadn't really ever sapped before so didnt know to sneak up behind someone to do it...or that the BIG BLUE EYE above their head that appeared over some guys meant anything at all.  Pro tip for any of you lazy rogues it means THEY CAN SEE YOU IN STEALTH!  But that didnt stop him from saying he could sap and failing horribly several times and killing us and of course blaming the group because 'we weren't doing it right'.

Then there was the hunter....this special..special hunter.  The Tank marks a square (traditionally hunter trap) and says to sheep and trap when ready.  The mage sheeps, trap doesn't happen and everything goes to hell.  What happened?  The hunter didn't know we were talking to him.  We want a trap so next fight he drops one at his feet.  A frost trap.  So the mobs are a little slower in running around killing us.  What the hell, why frost?  Oh well he didn't have a trap on his bars starting this.  He'd made it to 85 and into 2nd tier heroics without ever actually USING the abilities they gave him.  So hes told to use the launcher, ice trap the mob.  Now I have to say mages aren't innocent in this cause traps take a moment to freeze and dont work on running targets so the mage should of been waiting on the hunter to fail, and we could of fixed it without death.  But I bet you can guess what happens.  Mage sheeps, ice trap at the hunter's feet manages to snare one mob before we die.
Now the timed run is right out the window so we sit there for a little under 10 minutes and teach him to PLAY HIS CLASS and the bastard is a jerk about it.  He just shoots stuff he doesn't care about doing any of this gay trap crap.  So he was kicked and we got a DPS who hadnt ignored a huge chunk of his class skills.

So this is the new 'improved' LFG?

Oh right, shorter time waiting for groups...nah my 30 min to an hour is the same.

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