Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm often asked when someone should enchant their gear.  The question actually has a simple answer - as often as you can.

Now like all simple answers theres a complex explanation to it.

First if your going to have an item for more than a few days enchant/gem it.  The benefit in character ability is potent.

Second, if your not an enchanter, check the auction house.  Just search for the item type you want to enchant (gloves) sort by price and see if theres anything cheap.  Often you can grab a scroll here or there at great prices. I found a 5 stack of +7 agility to gloves for 5 gold when I was leveling my new rogue.  I picked them up and have been using them to great value.

A special note, at low levels when most players treat enchanting as most worthless is when it is most valuble.  +7 agility to gloves is a minor increase at 80.  When your level 10 and lucky for items to have +2 agility its a massive  350% increase in potency of the item.

But are they required?  No.  Until you start running end game content (whatever that is for your level) its not what I would call required to survive (tank) keep others alive (healer) or kill stuff (DPS).

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