Saturday, April 23, 2011

A rogue idea

I was batting around ideas to improve the game with a couple of my friends and we came up with an interesting idea for improving a rogue's PvE utility in CC.

It ends up calling into three categories, loosely arranged like the glyphs.

Minor: Adds a 1 minute cooldown to the ability, usable while the target is in combat.  The Rogue would need to Vanish/Shadowdance to be able to use the sap.

Major: No additional cooldown but like above the Rogue cant be in combat meaning they have to find a way to drop it briefly.  Perhaps to add to utility (since its almost useless soloing) when the sap breaks a blind effect is applied to the target for its normal 10 seconds.

Prime: The Rogue may use sap while they or their target are in combat.

I'll have to think on the wording of it but I think this could greatly enhance the Rogue's CC usefulness in this Cataclysmic world.

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