Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(RP) Nightwill's Idle Time

Nightwill left guarding and watching for Theramore's spies. her dragon friend gave her a quick flight to the north..and then quickly left. Nightwill thought nothing of it. Nor anything as she killed the scavengers that picked at he corpse of her home. She went to the vague circle of wreckage that marked her home in Camp Taurajo.

She entered through where the door had been and sat in the dusty ashes. Foehammer hesitated then withdrew the great black lion prowling the shadows to make sure she wasn't disturbed.

"You were right love. The Tears were the best path even if they didn't give you justice. I know sometimes lives have to be sacrificed but...I don't think I will ever like it."

Night half closes her eyes and she can see them. her mate crouched across the fire. Feel her child within her again.

"I met a Pandaren today he was nice and wise but he dint understand...I don't think he could understand.."

She listens and nods to the dark corner drawing her legs up to her chest and resting her knees upon them.

"I know they aren't like us I just wish they understood. Their the most like us of any of the races. It would be nice to have someone who ... understood."

Her voice broke momentarily on the last word. Night closed her eyes and buried her face in her knees silent but her control couldn't stop the tears form escaping her eyes. How long she sat there she couldn't say. Walking in her dreams of the past for long enough her tears were dried when she realized with a start her muscles were starting to ache. Standing up she carefully exited as she had came. Pausing outside the door and saying softly over her shoulder;

"I will be back. As soon as I can love. And every night in my dreams."

Straightening up she assumed the expression of a soldier calling to Foehammer and Ukarus to give her a ride to her watch point. She had responsibilities as a soldier and she had only let that down..


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