Thursday, February 27, 2014

Of Justice and Purchases

I was listening to the Darkmoon Herald podcast (found here) and one of its fabulous hosts Kevin pointed out something Id known but never really thought about - Blizzard's current distribution model actually does punish people who want the physical copy.

At first my reaction was the typical nod and sigh in unhappiness because it sucks.  But the more I thought about it the more I became convinced this had to be resolved.  I really loved getting the ease of the digital download last time around with Mists of Pandaria but I'm starting to get into more of the artbooks and I would love to own a music CD for the game.  I haven't ever gotten a real collectors and with this kind of discouragement I know I wont ever pick one up.

So lets lay out exactly what the problem is.

When you purchase the digital copy you get access to some of the features right away.  At the very least will be the free level 90.  If you buy a physical copy you have to wait for it to be delivered to you.  Its like Christmas for the physical copy comes several days later just because.  Its an unsolvable problem - right?

I don't think so.  In fact I have a solution I think might work.

Blizzard distributes character realm transfer cards, blizzards gift cards, and time cards already.  produce for the game a preorder card.  Give them to the stores making the preorder and BAM problem is solved.  You would have to have the preorder work like buying and installing the expansion.  If your unfamiliar most stores don't let you return MMOs since the account creation is such a big deal.  Heck at Gamestop once you open it you cant return anything at all.

This is well within Bliz's reach, solves the problem, and would generate a lot of love from people who want to hold that disk in their hands.  It would encourage people like me who are on the fence to fall on the side of giving them money.  Really I don't see any serious downsides.

The goal of the game is for everyone to win.

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