Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alexia - Demon Hunter

I am Alexia Silverheart Ti'Silvermourn

Born to a human Father and an Elven Mother I was what Lorderon called a half elf..or a half human in less polite company.  Ti' means I am of bastard blood...its what elves use in polite society instead of calling me half human.

I played Dragon and Princess with my Brothers and Sisters.  I wasn't the princess or the dragon I wanted tio play the knight.  Slay the beast and earn a kiss.  I wanted to be a heroine.  My mother never supported my part because the Lordaern society we were exiled into wanted the eldest daughter to be  'proper for marrying' she also wanted to protect me form the horrors ... I know them now and I understand her so much.

Orcs in service to the Legion would of slaughtered on their alter but my brothers sacrificed themselves to save me.  I could feel him tear their souls apart.  I...I was so scared I couldn't do anything.  My younger sister saved me.  I will never live down the shame of being so helpless and letting them die.

I became a warrior for Stormwind after Lordaeron fell..and I found a home in Auberdine with the Night Elves I didn't know I could.  But I couldn't fight the Golden Prince.  I hated him as much as I loved him.  I still remembered the festivals idolizing him.  The fact he was the Lich King ... I couldn't even though I hated what happened...felt rage at the death of my father.

I couldn't fight there so I turned to the Legion.  Always an enemy even when it seems calm.  So hated.  That lead me to the Demon Hunters.  The more I learned of their horrible scaring and rituals...the more I learned of their war...the more I felt I was the perfect soldier for them.

I've sacrificed so much before..such a crusty soldier..I wondered what i could learn.  I learned balance..the kind of balance that finds you footing in a hurricane.  I learned perseverance and understanding through  shared pain.  But I learned most of all to remember what I am doing this for.  I am not strong for myself...but for everyone else who cant be strong.  For them I am unbreakable against the waves of fate to shelter them.

I've never had faith in book learning.  I'd rather do and fight things with my strength.  But now I wish I could know more of the rituals and knowledge.  I need to be more balanced.  I'm like a plate spun by a fair performer wobbling until I bring it all crashing down.

I've seen you see, my future, its hard to know things you shouldn't.  My demon is immortal and strong and the only way to capture him for a long time is in a flesh shell.  Good thing I will live thousands of years then with my elven blood.

My danger...comes from his rage.  When I grasp it I can feel it surge through me.  It Washes away pain and is a sweet euphoria they never mentioned..but I've seen before in battle.  I ride it.  I channel it. But I do not become it.  Such primal feelings are not for me.  I can only hope Lady Elune accepts my offerings after.

I remember once...I gathered the power close.  But its like grabbing glass shards that burn white hot.  The agony and ecstasy made me cry..and without my eyes only blood comes from under my blindfold.  The Pandaren were afraid but i told them it was alright.  Because it was.  Such a hard cost for such hard rewards.

Even Sha fear me for they sense a trap in me.  It is what I am..what I will be...what I must be.  but the future is always moving, changing, and I fear for my feat.  How hard is it to know not only wen to fight.  but when to fall?


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