Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ding 85, Druid - Whew!

The timer was ticking down.  Quests were fallign to my pew-pew lazer chicken suit as fast as I could make them and then...

I cheered and got ready to take a screen shot when with usual Blizzard accuracy the server shut down at 3:30.  Ah well.  you will have to put up with a shot from her armory.

So, what now.  Well I know the AH doesnt have any crafted gear for leather casters on sale.  Ive close to 4k in JP and about 2k HP so Ill be able to pick up some other gear and my DK could farm up some leather mats for the guild LW but....you know I think I might just take it easy on that.  Work on gearing my Dk and leveling a shinny new warlock somewhere.  or even blowing the dust off my old warlock.  I havent touched him in forever (really since Wrath).

Hmm but Im looking at getting into a new guild that needs Warlocks so that might want to wait till I have some idea what they need.  It might be a fun challenge to try and level a wholly new warlock.  After all my druid only took a little over a hundred hours to get to 85 as a tree-chicken.  I bet a warlock would go even faster.

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