Monday, January 9, 2012

Transmog, Emerald Avenger

Sometimes I set out to find cool sets of gear and sometimes crazyrandomhappenstance drops it into my lap.  Id looked at the recolored sets apart but its the mixing of the shoulders in that makes it look better (to me).

Well I'm not one to sniff a gift horse so here is a great set for the Sunwalker that looks more in tune with the natural world as a priest of the sun (An'she) than most paladin sets.

The shoulders are the Pauldrons of the Wardancer are an 18% drop from the first boss in Serpent Shrine Caverns.

The chest is the Chestplate of Septic Stitches from the 7th boss in ICC (10 man normal only for green) 11%.

The Tightening Waistband belt is from the 9th boss in ICC (again 10 man normal only)

 The kilt is the Corrupted Silverpine Leggings from the first boss in ICC (10 man normal for the color) 14%.

For hands there is Festergut's Gaseous Gloves dropping off the 5th boss in ICC 11%.

For a really suave weapon we have Aesir's Edge from the 4th boss in Ulduar 06% drop rate.

The Aegis of the Sunbird is our shinny shield and the only really easy peice to pick up - coming from the 2nd boss in The Botanica on both normal and heroic modes 19% of the time.

So if you like the rich colors good luck collecting them, I know Ill be working on them for my Sunwalker.  Best of all it isn't paladin only if a warrior felt like going green.  Or even a Death Knight!

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