Thursday, December 22, 2011

Honor Points and Math Failure

So Im doign a little PvP on my shinny new druid.  The first match I join the horde are losing 2 to 0 and I manage to help them turn it around and win (Nether side had an effective healer).  Im excited when I see the honor listed at the end of the match - 51!  Thats almost enough for the 3 items I want to buy (Trinket, ring, necklace) at 20 honor each.  I Que up and run a second match and it was an awful horrid loss but we did get 1 flag in and kill a bunch so 26 honor is listed.

I open my PvP match screen and I see it says I have 50 honor.
Huh? a very strange answer.  So I run a third match and this time I keep a close watch on my honor total.

It climbs to 64 a few min shy of the end.  Listed is a gain of 30 honor.  14 for kills and 16 for a lost match I suppose that's fair but wait I have 72 honor.

So I only gained 22 honor that whole match but the screen listed 30?

Blizzard fails at Math?
That's...odd.  I'm going to try and get a GM's attention to get an answer for this issue.  I've seen similar results but that was back in the day of diminishing returns on Honor Kills.  Last I heard that was supposed to be gone.

Ok I have to try this one more time.
72 Going in.  (Picture was when I got splattered by an arms warrior so +1 honor)

During the Match.

Honor gained 64.

Ending honor 120.

Now 72 + 64 I'm pretty sure equals 136.  What mars math are they doing?

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