Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shared Topic: Identity & Affiliation Part 2

I had a lot of fun with the two characters  I touched upon for the Horde so I think Ill follow up with a

Three of my Alliance characters have gotten the most love.  Alexia/Joia, Hope, and Liri.  Time for introductions!

Liri, my oldest character, is a priestess of Elune.  She focuses on healing magic typically but dabbles in the dark forbidden shadow arts.  Young for a Night Elf, old compared to other races, She focuses on her healing arts first and following the traditions of her people when she thinks to. She hates the Scourge and the corruption she can feel from them trying to help restore the Plagued lands.  She dresses in Devout robes and Benediction with her Argent Dawn Tabard to show her dedication.  For relaxation she weaves magic and cloth into items of graceful beauty.

"For love is sometimes violent, and violence knows no constraint."

Hópe keeps her past before the crash to herself, only admitting that she was a tailor (and not a great one). Then she found the Shamanistic ways and found her focus.  She took the spirit name of hope both because the shaman magic was her hope and she desired to be the hope in the darkness.  A dabbler shes worked in engineering and alchemy unable to focus one task to the exclusion of the others.  With Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, and wearing the Ten Storms she presents quite the image of Shamanistic power and is very comfortable healing or wading into battle and punching enemies out.

"One day I pray I can return to the ancestors all the blessings they have gifted to me."

Regrets, perhaps, but never hesitation.
Alexia ... Ive written a great deal about her on the Netherbane.Com and Earthenring Net sites.  Half High Elf Soldier and loyal member of the Alliance she has grown into a more neutral place and joined the Demon Hunters.  Her Blacksmithing is a mostly private art she works upon by herself doing things like forging the blades for her glaives through skill and magic.

We thought because we had the power, we had the wisdom.
Joia is Lexi's sister.  She has always been defined by the Light and her relationship with it.  They tried to train her as a priest but she was abysmal at healing.  They then tried Paladin training but though she was so-so at it she wasn't ever very good at fighting.  After being crippled by the Orcs she sought out the ways of the Mage-Priests of the High Elves and found a home in their holy power.

Hope, Alexia (Old Outfit), Liri

So there you have it, a brief introduction of four more characters of mine.  I hope you enjoyed the read.

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