Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Honor Tip, part 2

For the alliance Smoke Em Out, Keep them at Bay!, Down With Captain Zorna!, and Blackriver Skirmish are all 50 honor quests.

So why should you bother?  It gives you access to honor point gear for low investment of time.

As I pointed out in my 4.2 trick post you can convert JP to honor and back - and it works at any level.  Do the quests for 2 days for 400 honor, turn 375 of it into 250 JP.  So without touching dungeons you can be at your 4k max Justice point cap in 30 days.  Toss in a BG a day and you will be sitting very pretty come level 85 to buy some epics!

Heck a useful tip for making coin at any level is to PvP for honor and buy 85 stuff to sell.  Honor is easier at lower levels than gold after all.  So go and beat some people up for profit.  Hmmm...maybie not the best message to send to kids.

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