Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comcast, Its time for a meeting

Ive been having a hard time getting online and into wow, there's a reason for that.

I finally had to get rid of Comcast, I just couldn't take the way they act to their customers any more.  Rebranding themselves a stupid name like xfinity to try and hide their bad track record instead of acting like an adult and fixing things is just one of the many problems. 

Seriously?  Xfinity?  Who came up with that some corporate board for bland meaningless names?

So, in the vague hope someone from there might stumble across this and actually read it.

Comcast, Xfinity (whatever), how not to suck.

1)  Don't 'accidentally' shut off internet when people pay you.  Don't do it three times.  Don't refuse to offer any money back for the lack of coverage.  This is basic logic here.  Your paid for access tot he internet.  Provide it or don't charge.

2)  Don't say that model modem you gave your customer isn't being given to new customers because it fails too often then refuse to replace it because its failing.  Seriously, what the hell?  The majority of problems I have technical side are with the modem I rent from Comcast - one I rented because they promised it would be easily replaceable if there's a problem.

3)  This is a big one, very important, Don't ever say or imply your customer is a liar.  If something is new to you then you need to say so.  if something isn't offered any more than say so.  Saying things like 'We never did/would do that' or 'We don't do that' makes it personal with the customer.  When you refuse to look at the notes on the account to verify if it has or has not ever been done then your just being a massive prick. 

4)  When someone calls your company saying they have problems and need to talk to a supervisor it does not take TWENTY FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT hours to call back!  What the hell! 

This is something so stupid you can only just stare in disbelief at the level of insanity normally achieved by deranged lunatics who think the aliens are going to eat our brains any day now.  In a national company open 24 hours a day there wont be a single manager available somewhere for more than 24 hours?  You cant really expect me to believe that do you?  When you go to a meeting with your golf clubs your wife might buy it but I sure don't. 

That sends a clear as day message to me, you don't care about me as a customer.  At all.  Your dislike for my money is only exceeded by your loathing for having to deal with me as a customer.
Yes Comcast/Xfinity- this means your stupid.
So Comcast I'm afraid I have to let you go.  Your performance rating is just not high enough on review, you lack social skills, and just dont get along well with others.  Clean out your desk and security will escort you out.

I now have the new Quest thing - Centurylink.  Not that I think their name is a huge improvement but it earns bonus points for being in english not leet speek and a concept dealing with computers and information tech. 

It will be a week or so before I get the internet working regularly again so till then I will be on and off when I can borrow a cup of internet from a friend. 

Well, that's kind of a downer, so here is a classic wow comic I saved.  Got to love Supermegatopia.  I wish the Brothers Grinn were still making comics.

Have fun!

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