Monday, August 22, 2011

15 Days of Screenshots: Day 8 Vacation Spot

If Azeroth was the real world, where would you vacation to?

i went back and forth about this a bit with all the exotic and special locations but really theres just one spot I would love to spend time in to just relax.

With deep forests and sunlit trails.

Dark glades and mighty trees.

Terrible and wonderful things of nature so great you can feel their echo years later.

A lovely view of the wild river and friendly people!  Well ...

Unless your a goblin like my photographer, then their strangely hostile.  

Its like their still stuck in the past!

Best of all the fishing is great!  If you can run the Grizzlies and spirit grizzlies off.


  1. Grizzly Hills. I miss Grizzly. It always struck me as so peaceful. Great shot. :D

  2. The music and the place are wonderful. They remind me of the woods I used to try and get lost in as a kid. Sometimes I try it now but its not nearly as fun. No more dragons.

  3. LOL

    Thanks, Kylira