Friday, June 10, 2011

Twisted Nether Munchies (Shared Topic)

By: Amerence of Amerence Love WoW

What sort of things get you through your daily grind of quest, dungeon runs, etc?  I have a wide variety of snacks I favor.  The easy part though is drinks, soda is the best.  Usually Diet cola but Ill drink leaded gas if that's the caffeine I can get my hands on.

But munchies hmm..even trying just to pick my absolute favorites is hard.  It has to be non greasy so I can type.  Something that hopefully is easy to clean up or the inevitable spills.  Able to be eaten one handed so I can eat while playing.  So I think I have three in mind that fit the bill.

Bread.  Yes really.  Sometimes with cinnamon in it, or fruit, but your basic bakery (non sticky) products.  When Im distracted I can nibble on something without tasting it so this takes the edge off the hunger without getting messy in the slightest...usually.

I still remember a muffin that turned all crumbly and fall onto my keyboard.  it took months to get the crumbs out.

It also caused my priest to run straight into the loving arms of the boss for a hug.  I'm not the only one whose raid leader declared they didn't get to use auto run I?

The other two are frozen vegetables.  I just toss them into a cup and 'drink' them as I'm raiding with plenty of munching of frozen peas and corn to fill my belly.

Thirst quenching too with the ice.

Just don't mistake them for the soda or the surprise might cause coughing and another autorun boss huggy incident.

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