Thursday, July 26, 2012

MoP Preparations

So, what do you want to have ready when MoP opens up?  Well that's a complex answer almost as complex as the air speed velocity of the unlaiden swallow.

So basically I cant give you all the answers, but I can give you a few tips I follow.

1) Supplies.  Reagents.for spells and food and drink.  Have a stack of buff food but you shouldn't be dying too much so have normal to just get health.

2) Empty Bags.  Its so much easier to quest when you have at least two fully empty bags to look for things in.  Digging through random spaces all over slows you down.

3) Be ready to play with no Mods if need be.  Try turning them off and play around.  Odds are something will break so its good to remember what Warcraft felt ike with no additional toys and have a plan.

4) Here is the big one, fill your extra quest log with daily quests.  Every 85 has space they don't use on a day to day basis so fill that in and when MoP is close fill it up entirely. with top level quests, that are easy to turn in. Not sure exactly what I mean? Here is what quests Id gather.

From Baradin PvE/PvP zpnes you can gather your entire log of quests if your lucky.  You see some of the quests (offered in the Base camp) shift daily and in the PvP area they rotate every time the battle happens.
Their all 85, all can be turned in at the camp.  and there's a tabard to go straight there and a portal back to the main city.  Captain Jake in the Camp will take the turn in for the PvP area quests in the camp.

Now you may be unable to fill out your list there depending on how your server's pvp goes so here are a few additional treats.

The 5 in the Twilight Highlands, level 84 but not a terrible starting place.
Daily Cooking and Fishing in Stormwind.
The end quests in Firelands.  Ill have more detail on what you can save later.

The basic routine is to turn in any random quests you have (like in Firelands).  Tabard travel to Baradin to turn in the quests there.  Zone into your capital city and turn in fishing and cooking then run off to join the Pandas :)

Happy leveling and have fun!

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  1. That's a good idea about dailies. That I can do I think!