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I laugh every time I say that stat name.  Seriously its like the Wii did anyone ever think about it?
*Ahem* Anyway..
For those of you that dont know Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer in WoW) said their removing resilience!  Then their replacing it with two that's that kinda do the same thing but dont.  This has lead to lots of questions and thoughts and since Im on the interwebs I feel the need to add my voice to the mob.

Ah Southpark they skewer some things

Just for the record what resilience does now is - "Provides X damage reduction against all damage done by players and their pets or minions."

So right now every bit of damage you do is reduced by your enemies Resil and if your sustained dps isn't good enough you just cant kill the other player.  Its being replaced by PvP Power *giggle* and PvP Defense...the cop of the PvP workd *snicker* I know their working names but jeeze..

PvPP would increase your Damage/Healing in PvP.  PvPD will reduce damage taken from players.Its going to be a base stat on your character sheet.  So lets break down my thoughts on the questions I keep hearing about the hows and whys.

Why a base stat?
Because people look at their character sheets.  Once they realize they can mouse over stats to learn about them they do.  So having it there will show you what it is and how it functions.  Besides their removing other stats so why not?  As a 58 I killed a 68 who wasnt great at PvP this will make it more of a pause and think thing considering if you should take on a higher level - no matter how good your twink dps they will naturally even it out.

Why two stats?  People have been talking about how weird it is that their two stats and almost like clockwork brining up the problems SWtOR has had with one.  I think two stats neatly solves the problems.  The key to remember is Bliz said PvP gear will be a lower item level than raid gear.

Im going to make up numbers just to prove my point so dont flame me for them being off.
Say amazing uber PvP her enough PvPP *laughs* that they do +25% damage.  That will mean they also soak +25% damage.  An uber geared raider will have rear that gives him +25% damage but being a PvE characeter he doesnt soak anything extra.  So all PvE characters will hit as hard as a PvPer, or maybie even a little harder!  But they sacrifice survivability for it.  This also means Bliz can introduce armors that have high offence vs defense and vice versa.

What it means is PvE gear isnt totally worthless in PvP while PvP gear is almost entirely worthless in PvE...more or less.

The PvP stats will be free so even though your PvP armor is 10 IL less than the PvE equivalent it will have lots of PvP goodness.  But if you wear it into a PvE situation it will be just as good as a PvE peice of gear of that IL.  This is an argument i get into all the time with PvP gear.  I dont care what resil it has if it has better stats it doesnt matter where it comes from its better.  Its like arguing crafted armor isnt any good for PvE cause its crafted.

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