Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get Some Pandaren Tail

I've run into some very strange arguments of late about the Red Panda tail, its use by Blizzard, and so on.  So lets start with the silliest one.

"The tails look nothing like a Panda's tail!"
This cutie is a Red Panda.  Their not big or black and white.  That gets us this.
They aren't identical because the Pandaren as a FANTASY race that DOESN'T EXIST is inspired by nature not copying it.

Just to give you an idea of their size difference here is a look at the Giant panda.

Taller than a human like a Grizzly bear when it stands up and way more bulky and powerful.  As for the Red...
Ok not a real size comparison but if its small enough to cuddle and carry its no where near the same size.

"The males dont have tales why do the females!"

No... <Facepalms>   Id ignore this but I keep hearing it.  Now its difficlt to see the tailes of real life pandas since their usually white not the cute black of the cartoons but here is as good of a pic as I can find.
Um wait no...lets just say gentle reader that googling 'panda tail' got me a more exciting group of pictures to search through than I expected these two are the winners of cute.
And that was the winner of random weirdness.
But back to bears...
Its a stubby little tail hanging off his rump.  that gives us..
Now if you look at the side and back shot you can clearly see a tail poking out that comes out through EVERY armor skin they wear just like a Worgen, Draenei, Tauren tail.  The only reason to say they don't have tails is you haven't bothered to look.

Is it unusual?  Heck yes.  But its nor somethign they havent done before.  Male Draenei have facial tenticles and forehead ridges.  Male worgen look badass while female...well yea... <shudders>.

So it like complaining that orcs have pigtails as a hairdo.  If you dont like it dont' play an orc chick with pigtails.  Having toons wandering around you meet every so often that are sporting them isn't going to ruin the game.

Just a public service announcement from the Altaholic.