Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transmog, Violet shaman (And Hunter)

I'm having huge fun working on different looks yet so far I've overlooked the mail wearers.  Time to fix that.  This creation is open to both hunters and shamans though it does have a very shamanistic look with that helm and the kilt.  If you roleplay it could fit in with certain character concepts very well - like an orc shaman who had his powers severed by Gul'dan and turned to hunting after abandoning warlock magics.

The helm is the Headress of the Tides from the second Underbod boss (Heroic only).

The shoulders come from a quest in Southern Barrens for Horde (here) and two Desolace quests for the Alliance (here and here).

The chest is from two quests Feralas (here) or Stonetalon Mountains (here) for the Horde and one quest Desolace (here) for the Alliance.

The belt is a random BoE drop from Northrend, the Nifflevar Girdle.  MANY belts would go with the outfit but I liked now this one blended in.

The legs are the Oceansong Kilt coming from Hellfire Ramparts last boss (heroic only).

If you wear boots the Wavefury Boots come from the second boss in The Slave Pens on heroic mode.


  1. Thanks for the info. What about the gloves?

  2. OOPS! Their avalible here for Alli or here for horde