Thursday, January 19, 2012

Transmog, Blood Hunter

I ran into a delightful hunter on Steamwheedle Cartel named Cilah.  This wonderful gal introduced me to her transmog set.  She was so wonderful as to allow me to post her set and in return Ill post what staffs, pole arms, and ranged weapons might fit.

Drakesfire Epaulets a BoE item best found off the AH.

For the chest Demon-Forged Beastplate which is not avalible to players but is a blacksmith pattern so if you know someone who learned it before Cata they will still have it.

Main Combat Gauntlets are a nice BoE for the hands.

The belt is the Scarlet Belt random drop from the scarlet monastery.

The Scarlet Leggings are a drop in the Armory of the Scarlet Monastery.

The boots are Mail Combat Boots a BoE best farmed form the AH.

Finally a lovely Resplendent Cloak finishes off the set.

This is a VERY fine set and I am quite impressed with her eye for design.  So here is the weapons I think work.  I wish I could fully show them off but its a bit more room that I want to spend.

Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer drops off the last boss in Black Temple.

The Tidebreaker Trident is bought for a mere 50 clams!  Their ground spawns you pick up in the murloc area, very easy to gather.

Now Terokk's Quill is available from a quest in the Sethekk Halls dungeon.  Sadly if yu already finished this quest your SOL.

The Black Duskwood Staff is a radon world drop BoE.

The Crystal Pulse-Staff drops of Magtheridon's lair from the one and only boss :)

Damnation is a low chance drop off the 3rd boss in the construct wing of Naxxramas or the 4th boss of the Military Quarter.

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