Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MMOs Poetry in Motion

I am a Tank.
I put myself in to danger that others may work in safety.
I will do everything in my power to keep others safe, even if it means I fall.
I am the first one into the battle, and the last one out.
I am a protector, a guardian, a champion.

I am a Healer.
I will give you deliverance in your time of need.
I am the one who empowers the fight with my endless will.
I am the assurance of gentle mercy's touch.
I am blessed Sanctity, sweet Salvation, Hope.
My geatest triumph those saved from pain.

I am a Dps.
I am the one to bring the enemies' arrogance low.
The pillar of support never noticed while the group stands.
I control the foe and drive them crying to their knees in pain.
With my Magic, with my Blade, with my Bow I give out death.
I am the Slayer, the Destroyer, the Ravager.

Darkness will be lit by our spirits and the heart of evil shall tremble!
For while we are present, it will never know any great victory!

A wonderful guy I chatted with on the City of Heroes forums crafted some of the tanking stanza I use as my sig, with his permission I adopted and changed it around. Later I felt the need to write a healing verse and then felt it would be better with a third to balance it and here it is. Using the word DPS is a bit awkward but I havent found a beter fit

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