Monday, August 15, 2011

Comcast, your a dirty rotten...

So get this.  I tell comcast I'm quitting, give them some monet to mostly resolve my bill and they decide to turn my internet back on.

I tell them not to bother, but they do anyway.  <Shrugs>

That is on Friday.  Now I have a friend Im hanging uot with in the hospital and then today helping them to get out and go home so things are really looking up.  I sit down at home and I think 'You know if their offering it as a peace gesture why not use it'.  I buy more time in WoW and log in to take a screen shot for the 15 days.

I get 5-6 screen shots to get the motions I want done, I'm tinkering with them and suddenly I DC.  i fight with WoW for a bit to realize COMCAST PULLED MY INTERNET AGAIN!

I am just incoherent with anger right now.  i called up Comcast/Xfinity and yep they meant to do that.  I might or might not get it back maybie sometime tomorrowish - Oh did ether of those managers ever get in touch?  Well stay at home all day 24 to 48 hours from now and they certainly will call this third time.  Really.

Meanwhile no internet till they decide I get internet.

Then one fo the galling things was the guy told me to have a nice day.

A child could tell you this isnt the way to handle tryign to convince me not to hunt you guys down with a baseball bat and a spoon.

The almost funny thing is Comcast is using the name change to turn into something worse, a name change they did because fo how hated Comcast has become for bad customer service.

<Shakes fist in Rage>

Its like they only hired mrons and jerks for their call centers, gave them no training, then cant understand why people hate them.  Actually that may not be far from the truth.

If I had any slight vestage of warmth for the company they burned it out.
"From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."- Khan, Wrath of Khan

Some drone over at Comcat had to of seen the connection on and pulled it.  Yet no one had any idea why it was pulled, who did it, or when it would be back other than tommorow - maybie.

Not too much more I can say that is in any way clean.  At least I have something fun to distract myself with.

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