Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She tasks me and I shall gladly answer

Over at fallingleavesandwing there was a comment about Windsoar of  Jadedalt giving out topics for bloggers.  Out of curiosity I dropped her a line and she was willing to work one up.

I noticed that you’ve rerolled some characters more than once (priest/hunter/paladin). If it wasn’t for giggles (i.e. to play with friends/on another server) why did you choose to do so? -Windwoar

I really have to stop being so fashionably late to these things.  Ah Ill just pin the blame on Comcast, it makes them good for something.  Anyway - on with the show!

Joia is the character I think she means.  She started out as a priest.  Then I was told 'MC has enough healing priests what we really need is a holy paladin' so Joia was rerolled into a paladin.  I worked it into her history a bit and off I went.

RP was off and on good but finally had an apocalyptic meltdown - if you have Roleplayed you know what I mean - so I ended up RPing on another server.  So I moved Joia there and gave her red hair.

The Paladin in red and the Priestess
I held the mae tho and I missed RPing her, so I poked around a few people who were involved with her story and when they didnt object I went ahead with her being kidnapped and crippled.  forced to learn to use her ability of smite makes right to the fullest she's a mage.  This also helped me take care of a goal of mine, an 80 in every class.

The Mage-Priest
I've dont alts that were remakes of characters (Alexia and Nightwill) but this one persona has changed and adapted, always the same person.  

Most of the Rerolls Ive done have been for the RP.  I admit me not having a mage influenced my choice to angle her to the Mage-Priest RP but I've worked up more than a few characters just for RP.  I am as passionate about roleplaying as I am about raiding.  Their one of the two things I enjoy the most about the game.  

So rerolling is a serious choice but not one I am not willing to tackle. A raider will invest effort into running a raid so I will invest effort in RP. Sometimes hours and hours but anyonw who worked on Raids will know that's nothing new.


  1. It's always interesting to see how people handle their RP personas. Did they die? Go on a personal quest to find their personal yogi? Thanks for the post!

  2. Depends on the character. Most dont die because I don't like that sort of ending but many I think of as retiring to some role in the world.

    The book has come to an end but there is room for a sequel. In my 3rd day post you will see many character, these are just the ones I have an attachment to. Their on on going quests, fighting the Legion, serving the Argent Crusade, defending lands and loved ones.

    Thanks for the question Saz! Ill do your other one in a few days. I'm trying to pace myself and not glut on all the goodness at once!