Friday, August 26, 2011

Best idea Bliz will never do

Shared Topic Part 2!

One of the Dawnforge podcasts I listen o reguarly is the All Things Azeroth show.  in Ep 258 (the most recent one) they were discussing the Transmogrification thing and the main host Medros had an epic idea.

Valor points let you buy the best gear.  Everyone wants them because of that.  Justice points lets you buy gear that is a step lower, so their OK, but not as good as VP.  Raiders, dungeons runners, they end up with a surplus of JP quickly since it comes much faster than VP as you run raids and dungeons.

Now medros' idea is to use the extra JP and even VP people have to make old tier sets open to them as a very nice point sink for looks.  I think this is a perfect way to use the points.  Just like the gold sink f transmogrification its taking an extra resource there is a surplus of out f the economy.

My suggestion would be to make the more 'common' items that aren't available able to be picked up for JP.  Then have another section that costs a JP+VP mix.

Would you pay JP+VP to look this awesome?  I would.
Stonesmirk a missing chestpeice.
The armor exists in their database all you need to do is make a vendor and toss it in.  Smooth out the costs by eyeballing looks to plainness and there you go.  I don't see how you could really lose by doing this, and it gives a legendary solution.

You want your weapon to look like your old orange?  How bad?  I personally would cough up 4k JP and 4k VP.  That would be an huge amount of time care and love into it.  Not everyone would be able to pass up the need for gear and other cool things to be able to use their looks keeping them nicely rare without being too restrictive.

Thuinderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
Who knows Bliz might have something in mind that's similar....But I doubt it.  Making this the best idea they won't use.

Part 2 of this is here.

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