Thursday, June 2, 2011

It came from the PuG

So time for another
...and its a doozy.  

We are in Blackrock Caverns, level 80 Cata zone, and I'm healing on my druid.  Things are going smoothly till the tank gets all excited cause he took 70k+ in damage.  This is because of Gravity Strike something I expect tanks, dps. healers...everyone to know has to be interrupted.

So after a /facepalm I explain that its because of the spell, that it needs to be interrupted.  I point out its the one DBM (Deadly Boss Mod) yells at you to interrupt.  Or our group we have a pally tank, kitty druid DPS, and warrior DPS that can easily interrupt.  I usually cant since I'm healing, and then theres the warlock who just sets stuff on fire.

The Cat druid argues that he just doesn't have any energy to interrupt, and then the tank weighs in with DBM is 'for losers'.  It takes me a minute to find a sensable response to this so I tell him 'so are heals' hoping he will get the idea.  he claims that heals are optional for him.

(This tank's gear implies that at some point hes been in a raid.  So I can only guess he is the sort of person that employs the DBM fake out and then stands in fire and says its not his fault when he dies.)

So we continue on and the cat druid starts healing him anyone who has brains will tell you...tanks need healers and they both need DPS.  Its a neatly designed system that is elegant when all the parts are functioning well and not tin-plated idiots with delusions of godhood.

Sadly some people will never learn.  So since the tank 'didn't need' my heals..just the DPS to heal him...the group went much more slowly and had harder fights.  I hope he learned some smidgen of a lesson from this but I really doubt it since the cat was willing to be a crutch for his ego.

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