Monday, June 6, 2011


Ghostcrawler posted a very strange thing (full post here).

"At the risk of catching flak for this statement, I feel that the game is as balanced as it’s ever been. When you look back at the vanilla or Burning Crusade days there were many specs that were just jokes"


I can only assume he is speaking ONLY of raiding.  Because the game is at its worst balance it has ever been everywhere else.

Certain specs are horribly overpowered some only for a short time others for the longterm.  The game feels like a beta that wasn't very well playtested.  The best example is the level 10 and its perfect since Ghostcrawler mentioned it earlier in his post.

"Choosing your specialization at level 10 and not having to delay playing your character the way you want feels great."

It may feel great but after choosing that one point they very casually tossed into the game some abilities not balanced for level 10 play.  This is important because 10 is when you get a shinny system message saying 'Go and try PvP!'  Now if I was new to the game and I stuck my nose into a batleground only to be stomped over and over again by a druid/rogue/priest I don't think I'd go back.  The original battlegrounds wisely gave you limited abilities and didn't set up such a huge rift between what you want to play and what you 'have to play'.

Its ironic because one of the most horribly broken in Player vs Player, feral druids, in Player vs Environment is so-so and the tanking ability of the spec is really sub par.  Like i said earlier it doesnt feel like its been tested out to any great extent.

So whats the answer?  To go back and play with this game they made.  Test out ALL the abilities at the various levels.  Don't just look at end game raiding because end game raiding is only a tiny bit of the game.

But I'm sure I know what the new business model Activision-Blizard is using would say to that sort of improvements.

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