Sunday, January 23, 2011

*Shakes fist at the sky*


So we enter Blackrock, depths to be specific, and the tank runs off.  The group tags along behind by a fair bit.  I was there just in time to see him pull 2 groups, or roughly 14 enemies, with 3-4 healers all together.  Now AoE stops being really useful at 10 enemies so what follows is chaos.  I am there as a shadow priest so

I drop out of shadow form to spam heals on the tank, since the druid healer cant keep up.  We both heal him for a good long time.  The guy has no sense of placement and doesn't care if things are behind him smacking him without any of his defenses working.  But we lived, so its OK right?  This paladin tank proves he is a moron by starting to yell at the healer for 'not healing at all' claiming he had to heal himself.  I point out that if I'm healing him, and the healer is healing him, and he is healing himself, then something is wrong.  This twit argues against me and the healer vehemently that he was the only person healing himself.  The argument ends when he looks and the other two DPS lin up with us physically and agree with us.  The tank kept bitching about it for the rest of the run but at least didn't pull quite so large of groups.

Then there was the healer who hit 58 about 5 minutes from the boss and started tossing a tantrum because we wouldn't kick him.  Usually its cause the selfish bastard cant wait to go to the next zone, and when asked about this he didnt answer.   He threatened to wipe us all if we didn't and I pointed out I was doing at least half of the healing anyway so if he quit we wouldn't lose much.  After about ten minutes of his tantrums one of the other DPS pointed out we were wasting time and could of been done by now if he would just finish the run.  That took convincing though.  he just couldn't see the logic in it and even so continued to be one of the laziest healers Ive seen in a while.

I tried to think of one for DPS but even if they might of been jerks none fo them have really been epic failures this week.

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