Monday, January 24, 2011


A drabble done for a friend's podcast about my character's Shattering day.
Alexia Silverhart Ti'Silvermourn
"Regrets, perhaps, but never hesitation."

Tears did not come that night.

The half-elf pulled corpses from the surf, struggled to reunite families of a world gone mad, and fought the vengeful elements seeking to slay.  Defending those she loved so much she offered up eternity for them when she became a Demonhunter.  Laboring tirelessly a steady experienced soldier she did everything she could to embolden and inspire her distant cousins to find their inner strength.  Finally a Priestess forced her to rest but instead she traveled to Auberdnie.  Standing alone in the ruin of her second home.

Tears came there, and nothing makes them stop.

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