Saturday, September 25, 2010


In the new expansion they will be entirely removing the old coins given for pvp and revamping the system.  Unlike BC to Wrath they will be upgrading everything you did have.

I'm torn because I know why they allowed Badges of Justice to become of little value, it made designing their replacement easier.  I usually grab a few and get a bit of gear regardless when Im 70 as some of it is FAR superior to things you can get your hands on for a long whole.  heck with gem slots you can use some of the gear till your 80.

Below is the link to the blue post about the currency swap but I reposted the important bits below.

The following items are immediately converted to gold: 
Emblem of Heroism = 5.5 gold each 
Emblem of Valor = 5.5 gold each 
Emblem of Conquest = 5.5 gold each 
Badge of Justice = 1.833 gold each

Your New Honor Points total will be the sum of the following amounts:
Old Honor * 0.024 Old Arena Points * 0.85 
Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976 
Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08 
Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6 
Venture Coin * 3 
Spirit Shard * 1 

Your Justice Points total will be equal to (Emblems of Triumph + Emblems of Frost ) * 2.75 

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  1. We get gold for our old badges? Shows how out of the loop I have been. That's pretty awesome.