Friday, June 28, 2013

Gamon, Orgrimmar, thoughts

While I was working on my iron pet character I wandered by Gamon and was surprised to see him not busy killing players but occupied with the current storyline.

A brief bit of history.  Gamon was an NPC in a rogue quest chain that because of mechanics needed to be neutral.  Also it was interesting to see how many times the level 8 rogue would kill him before realizing they needed to pick his pockets (3 for me :)

Because of this people killed him over and over until he suddenly leveled up and became elite leading to this.

The regular grunts watching as the Kor'kron take him on.  Now he needed to not be attackable because while its cute to make him so tough I dont think anyone thought what would happen adding a neutral boss right next to the city leader.  If the Alliance attacks you can be certain some horde will drag Gamon into the AoE to kill them.

I was excited to see this, thought it was really cool, and then realized if I hadn't been a horde I'd never know it was here and thats a problem.  This is supposed to be the big Alliance story yet its still a horde story in all the small elements.  The changes are happening in Orgrimmar not Stormwind.

I think despite their trying to make it less about the Horde this expansion is mostly about the Horde in all the thunder and excitement ways gamers love.  Alliance is more subtle or just weird (like the Patience Scenario).

The story has never quite been balanced but the more they claim their making it balanced the more out of whack it seems to get.

Eh...not much you can do so here for the Alli is a bit of Horde RP that they might be interested can certainly see the change from the noble elite guard that kept all of Thrall's dates with Jaina secret.

Have fun.

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