Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wandering Thoughts: Steven Colbert and Poetry!

I've been out of the game for too long to have too much to say.  I've been following the recent changes as best I can but without actually doing something in game I don't feel like I should be babbling on about it.

So something I have been doing is watching Steven Colbert.  Even after his mistake of singing the Christmas Date Rape song I'm willing to watch and Chris Kluwe was on.  WoW was mentioned so that was my thin way of linking ti to Warcraft, the interview is great, check it out here.

Some of my hard drive was able to be recovered and with it my past writing.  so a small poem I wrote for a Vampire (V:TM) character to his mortal love.

Ill be there when your heart starts racing, 

Ill be the one to make your thunder roll.
Ill be there when you learn you can fly, 
Ill cheer when you make dragons fall 

Ill be there as the long summer fades, 
Ill adore you when your hair turns gray. 
Ill be there to remind you to still sing, 
Ill be the one to make you laugh again. 

Ill be there to hold you with love's touch,
Ill sing the last note of your song. 
Ill be there to kiss away your last breath, 
Ill cry as you fade into the night, 

And then...I will be gone. 

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