Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beauty and the Demon

I've been not having a lot of fun in Warcraft lately.  Its not the people Im with, or the fights, or the quests or bugs.  I couldn't figure out what was going on till I read Cynwise's posts and it crystallized my thoughts.

It was my class.

I've been playing Warcraft for a long time and I'm used to no matter what being able to excel.  Draw up a plan, find the gear, top the charts.  But for the first time there isn't a way for me to reach that goal.  Not only that but its harder for me to even reach average perfomance.

Warcraft has always been about options for me.  Goal A, leads to B, leads to C, each climbing higher in a steady rise.
Every class had its hard hitting spec, its top performer, to learn to play and savor the strength of.  But now there's a glass ceiling in the game.  I'm good enough to rise up so high but no higher no matter how hard I push. What gear I get.  I might be good compared to lesser geared players or those with less skill (though not always) but if they had what I have they simply will do better.

It is strange because in other games certain classes werent the best, but they filled other roles.  With 'bring the player not the class' I dont see what I bring that some other character wouldn't.
In MajorMUD I played a Warlock.  Weak combat and armor compared to a Warrior.  Weaker spells than a Mage (though better combat and armor) they weren't the best at anything.  But I had fun and you could excel at their playstyle.  But there they could be the ones on or near the top damage in Warcraft today they cant.

I keep thinking there's something I'm missing.  Make no mistake the rotation is brutal and mistakes cost you dearly (to the tune of 25% of your dps) but I managed to learn to do Kitty back when it was so brutal in Wrath.  Surely I just need more Mods, macros, and guides readied to pull this off.


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  1. I'm sorry this is a late response, but - I'm glad it helped crystalize your thoughts on this. Writing it helped me do the same - I floundered for months, months, just trying to figure out why I wasn't enjoying playing my warlock anymore. Then when I quit playing her, I spent MORE months trying to figure out where *I* had gone wrong.

    Hopefully we can all figure out what went wrong and enjoy the class again in Mists.