Friday, March 16, 2012

Transmog, Wyld Druid

The 'Wyld' druid training focuses on shifting between forms and mastering the basics of them all while focusing on none of them.  Talon, Claw, they all have their purpose but the Wild druids have risen to dominance for their sheer flexibility.

Thus I present to you the Wyld Druid.

With a staff that showers leaves and bursts into flowers its an impressive set making the
druid wearing it a part of the wilderness.  But for contrast here is a pic with more, barren, colors.
Easier to see in Ice Crown though it is a bit tinted here.  Just goes to show how its all about where you take your screen shots.  So back to my fav, the barren rock above Ogrimmar.  No tint filter, and the colors make what your wearing easy to see.
My poor Sproutling fell asleep as I tried to catch the staff in bloom.  Its a very fast animation so good luck catching it.

So what makes up this lovely greenery?

The Staff of the Green Circle comes from the druid level 20 dungeon weapon quest.  Both rewards have the same graphic.  If you sold it try the Druidic Wildstaff from the Auchenai Crypts.

The infamous bush shoulders come from Molten Core off Baron Geddon, Cenarion Spaulders, and are a unique model/color.

For gloves I went with a hands on approach with only bracers showing with the Rope-Grip Gloves.  Its a quest reward that has many matches in other quests.

The chest and legs come from the Sunwell, the Harness of Carnal Instinct and Breeches of Natural Agression (such amazing names).  Nether is an easy farm but they look amazing!

A real druid needs horns so we have the Stag Helm of Malorne who according to Tauren Myth was chased into the heavens to become Elune's Lover.

To balance its nice gold touch we have the Cenarion Belt adding a bit of color to the look.

So if you fancy a 'classical' druid look with a bit of modern charm here you go, besides who doesnt like a staff that randomly showers leaves?


  1. Wonderful outfit! Absolutely love it.

  2. Beautiful, I especially love the last shot with all the leaves falling from the staff.

  3. This one is so nice, indeed! Withers (or a lookalike) is a very nice touch, too.

    1. Its the Sproutling from the Argent Tournament ( ) from before Withers :P

  4. Something to note if you add the 120 agility enchant you get a green glow on your staff and it constantly drops ghostly leaves to add to the occasional leaf explosion :)