Thursday, March 1, 2012

Transmog, Mage-Priest

One of the mysterious things in Warcraft are the Mage-Priests of the High Elves.  I wont go into it now but there are some curious grey areas left over from older games and even into Wrath of the Lich King.

From that I had the idea for my RP character, a Halfelven Mage-Priest!

The gear is a light pastel blue and looks vert priestly while retaining a bit of magic to it.

Sadly Dalaran got dark as I was setting up so I climbed up the spires to a roof to catch a bit of sunlight.

Lets start with the part this great outfit is picked up from the Auction House.

The Gossamer Robe (Lvl 45)  and Gossamer Shoulders (Lvl 41) are BoE and best picked up off the auction house.

The Red Linen Sash is an alliance quest item.  Sadly all the same model horde belts are white But the Bloodeye Belt from the barrens fits nicely for horde.

For feet I favor the Kurkenstoks because unlike the cross faction version their easier to get and lack socks.  For the Horde Ringo's Blizzard Boots should do the trick though they take visiting Blackwng Lair.

The gloves come from Black Temple in Outlands off the PuG breaking 6th boss.

The Runed Silver Staff comes from a very short 3 part quest in outlands.  No Prerequisites needed to start the chain.

The Lifespark Visage helm comes from Ulduar, off the first boss, and can be soloed with a bit of luck.

I wanted the helm in part because I felt as a half ef my character woudl have glowing eyes.  Sadly the white doesnt overwrite the Blood Elf green eyes because that would be awesome if it did (thought it kinda makes them a bit more pale)

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