Monday, March 19, 2012

MoP press event links

Mist of Pandaria, Female Pandaren and no new character models.  GamebreakerTV.
Mop Raid Info GamebreakerTV.
Poke MoP.  GamebreakerTV.
Rep Reinvented in MoP.  Gamebreaker TV.
Challenge Modes.  Gamebreaker TV.
MoP Sucessor to Classic WoW.  Gamebreaker TV.

MoP Press Tour, interview with Ghostcrawler.  Tankspot.
Product Director Tankspot.

Wowhead covers the Pandaren and Monks.  Wowhead.
Wowhead interviews.  Wowhead.
MoP Press event FaQ.  Wowhead.

Wow-Insider's link page to their posts.  WoWInsider.

Blizzplanet coverage - Blizzplanet.

MMO-Champion's link page of MoP links.  Here.

Hunters at the HUnters Union - Here


  1. Oh! Thanks for this! You've done all the hard work for me!

  2. all that info came so fast I didnt want to lose any links in the confusion (though I still think I did). I figured if I wanted a list maybe others would too.