Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can a Wombat carry a coconut?

I volunteer to help my friends find info and I got a rather strange one.

[Catharta]: I want to know if wombats can cry

So this is for you.  Im sure the internet is a completely reliable source for random animal facts.

I found out many weird and fascinating things like the wombat often sleep with all four of
their legs sticking up into the air.
Its teeth never stop growing.  Heavily built with short powerful legs and claws well designed for digging through BS.  Wombats like to be left alone but are often whispered to by idiots.
Farmers think of them as pets because of the damage they do to their efforts.  If its muzzle is covered in short hair it is likely of the hairy-nosed wombat variety.  Males aggressive behavior is usually restricted to when it is breeding season though breeding can happen at any time.

Its often called a fox with a pig or bear's face.  They however have a large brain and know how to use it playing and frolicing displaying particular speed and cunning when a pack of chocolate biscuits is put just out of reach.

(First rule of Wombat keeping - never get between a Wombat and a source of chocolate biscuits. Remember you can't out-run it, you almost certainly can't out-wrestle it, but you will be stream-rolled by it. So if it comes to a choice of being assaulted by a Wombat or giving up your favorite biscuits, surrender the biscuits, it's less painful.)

But can wombats cry?  Some of the more grouchy ones would have you think not.  But in fact you can identify tear ducts on their skulls.  An example is below.

So there you have it, yes in theory they can.  Just make sure they dont have any axes near by to hurt you with and you arent in the way of its chocolate when you do it.

Especially since according to rumor they make excellent Sith Lords!


  1. Here are some other interesting Wombat facts (rumours?)

    1. If you run over one in your car, the wombat will win (no question)

    2. They can break a dog cat or dingos jaw that happens to be chasing them, by just stopping. Yes their butts are that hard.

    3. If it wedges itself into a hole, butt sticking out, nothing will remove it save dynamite.

    4. While friendly and playful when young, they get stroppy and impatient when they get old. Just like people.

    5. Their pouches face backwards! (to stop the dirt being dug up from the front paws entering the pouch and smothering the baby wombat inside)

    6. The Wombat's closest living relative is the KOALA! (have a look at the face, and tell me there isn't a resemblance)


  2. This is Catharta Approved!