Monday, February 20, 2012

Podcasts, Blogs, and Lions oh My!

I've been sucked into getting my feet wet in twitter recently.  Squelchy was over on Twisted Nether and made it actually sounds interesting and cool.

So I started going through the blogs I've been following and the podcasts, they were mixed in with all the other links I'd saved for Warcraft, so I could try and see who is on twitter.  I managed to find ones Id forgotten!

All Things Azeroth - Not as good as when I started listening years ago...but how many podcasts can you say you listened to for years?  Generally worth a listen.
Blessing of Frost - A new one I started listening to they seem good.
Girls Gone WoW - Another new one that is very promising.
The Instance - Fun WoW stuff.
The Overlores - More of the above.
Obscurecast - An awesome brit wow show.
Twisted Nether Blogcast - They have bloggers on for interviews, talk about stuff, and are some of the best people.  Ive been listening to this nearly as long as ATA but TN hasnt ever lost its charm or ability to focus on WoW.
Warcraft Less Traveled - Its awesome.  Like a travel log of cool things in Azeroth.  Well worth listening to.

(I wont try to define them because each is very unique)
Almost Evil
Blame Squelchy
Bubbles of Mischief
Cynwise's Battlefield Manual
Drunkard's Regalia
Effraeti's RP
Kurn's Corner
Red Cow Rise
Piercing Shots
Fel Concentration
Tree of Life

Forum for Blogger stuff
Blog Azeroth!

Whew.  Lots of things to go over.  But well worth it.  I even ran across a few old ones I dont follow any more.  I will ignore some IRL political preachyness but no more than 1% or so.  One guy went off with the McCain-Obama campaign in post after post so I tossed him to the curb.


  1. There's always something happening on Twitter :P
    Thx for including my Blog in the list :)

  2. Awww thank you for mentioning our podcast ^^ I have your blog in my feedreader :D love reading your blog!

  3. Thanks for commenting and thanks for the wonderful things you do!