Friday, January 20, 2012

Transmog, The Ranger

This set is aimed more at a hunter feel though Shamans could wear it as well.

The Coercive Pauldrons come from a quest in the Badlands.  Also the Pauldrons of Darrowshire from a quest in the Eastern Plague Lands is the same graphic

The Blood Speaker Tunic comes from a quest in Tanaris.
The Soldier's Armor is a decent alternative as a world drop BoE.

The Rich Purple Shirt is a tailor made item.

The Soldier's Girdle are a level eleven random world drop BoE.

The Soldier's Leggings are a level twelve random world drop BoE.

The Gauntlets of the Windreacher come from a quest in the Stormpeaks.
The Soldiers Gauntlets, World Drop level twelve BoE, are one of many alternatives.

The Boots of Delivery come from a quest in the Badlands.
The Soldiers Boots, a level twelve wold drop BoE are an alternative.

Above is the outfit with the soldiers pieces on the right for comparison.

For cloaks there are many options here ate the three I liked best.

On the left we have the MoK'Nathal Wildercloak from the last boss in (normal only) Hellfire Ramparts.
The middle is the Farstrider Defender's Cloak bought for 130 JP from G'eas in Shattrath.
Finally the Farstrider Wildercloak drops off the last boss in Karazhan.

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