Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tansmog, Northrend Druid

I was talking to a friend in Steadfast and was really blown away by the simplicity and style of her outfit.  With Chameleana's permission I've posted it here.

One of the best parts of this outfit is it is entirely made up of Bind on Equip items you can gather from the Auction House.  That can be a downfall too of course because it takes patience to gather them all.

But if you want to stand out in a subtle stylish way from everyone who just gathers tier sets you will do it with this look.

The shoulders, gloves, boots, and pants are Boneshredder items.  Level 67 Boe from Outlands.
The Righteous Waistguard is a level 44 BoE from Azeroth.
Finally the chest is the Clefthoof Hidemantle a level 66 BoE.

I find it amusing this armor was used all over Northrend, and really does capture the wintery feel but comes from another world.  

A special note on a neat visual trick she carried out here.  The blue belt is NOT the Righteous one.  It is a part of the chest graphic and always made it look like you were a strange person wearing two belts.  Cham found a belt that blended into the pants in color so the blue belt could pop out and the outfit would look proper.  Bravo!

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