Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Demons and Dreams

I was out doing a little RP and took a few pictures I thought Id post here.

Perverting the innate magic of the Elven Runestone Gul'dan and the Orc Warlocks found a way to channel magical power into those upon it.  Granting their Ogee allies intelligence and great power and allowing them to do many unspeakable acts of magic.

I have within me an Immortal being that has seen the turning of time.  It is my charge and chosen my fate to ensure that the wheel will one day stop for him.  Yet I looked into him and out through his eyes.

Madness and destruction of endless lands dance in front fo my gaze as I hold sway over it as a Goddess my whispers making minds drip corruption while my touch sears away the body.  This could be.

Control.  Discipline. Enough to tame errant will.  Enough to face the other fate.  To acknowledge the evil yet hold it back enough to not let it use me.  I can be strong enough.  I have saw that too.  Strong enough to put myself in chains of fate.

What was, what will be.  Even darkness has a place as A'dal told me once.

The end will be.  The past has been.  Now we must shape the road to it.

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